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Image:O Deptford
Thu 14 Sep - Sun 17 Sep

O Deptford

Ở is pronounced ‘er’ in Vietnamese, meaning, In.


It is a very special day in Deptford…Her Royal highness the Queen is coming! What to wear and how to prepare? Granny Dumpling is cooking up her best batch of dumplings as she fondly reminisces meeting Her Royal Highness from when she first came to Deptford in the early 90’s. But what are the rest of her East Asian neighbours doing for this Royal affair?

Image:Albany Young Creatives
Sun 17 Sep - Sat 2 Dec
The Albany presents

Albany Young Creatives

The Albany Young Creatives are a collective of interdisciplinary artists and performers aged 16 to 25 who create original work and platforms to showcase young artists.

Image:Kubla Khan
Tue 26 Sep - Wed 27 Sep

Kubla Khan

It was a miracle of rare device
A sunny pleasure dome with caves of ice!

Image:Shall We Take This Outside
Thu 28 Sep

Shall We Take This Outside

Heroes are usually pretty handy in a scrap. And when heroes fight, they win.


Adam has to look out for his brothers. He’s the eldest. He’s a good guy so he’ll be fine. Good guys win. That’s how it works.

Image:Free To Stay
Thu 5 Oct - Fri 6 Oct

Free To Stay

Imagine a world without nationality, where you’re free of labels, utterly transient, without ID documents and don’t belong to the ruling order of any country. Now imagine that same scenario today; no choice about where you live, nowhere to raise a family, no chance of an education, a job, or seeing a doctor when you’re ill. No recognition that you even exist.


Image:To Helen Back
Thu 12 Oct

To Helen Back

Analysing sickness, health and what it really means to recover, Helen Seymour admits you into a surreal hospital to create a funny, unique and powerful theatrical experience.

Image:CANCELLED: Project New Sun
Fri 20 Oct

CANCELLED: Project New Sun

Unfortunately this event was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


This four-part performance features: Leftovers, a multimedia showcase of witty and wry snapshots of left-on-the-shelf Chinese singletons.

Image:The Class Project
Wed 25 Oct

The Class Project

This is a show about belonging. About tribes and families.  About the place you belong because you were born there, the places that are in your blood, but also the places you adopt and pretend are your home and the places you change yourself to try and belong in.


Image:Quarter Life Crisis
Wed 1 Nov - Fri 3 Nov

Quarter Life Crisis

Alicia is a hot mess. She doesn’t know what she’s doing with her life. Swiping left, swiping right to find the perfect match.

Image:Hatched: Sean Graham
Fri 10 Nov

Hatched: Sean Graham

Sean Graham is choreographer, dancer, word-smith and producer, whose work has spanned 10 years. As part of Hatched, Graham will further develop his theatrical style and unique voice on culture and identity. This work-in-progress will explore identity, globalisation and cultural assimilation.

Image:Ugly Duckling
Mon 4 Dec - Sun 31 Dec
tutti frutti productions, the Albany and ARC Stockton present

Ugly Duckling

Written by Emma Reeves

Co-produced by York Theatre Royal

Illustration by Jessica Knight


Meet the most unusual duckling the pond has ever seen! In their nest at the edge of a pond, the baby ducklings wait impatiently for mummy’s enormous egg to hatch. But their new brother doesn’t look like everyone else. He doesn’t even quack like a proper duckling!