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Box Office
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Staff Contacts


Chief Executive/Artistic Director

Gavin Barlow





Chief Operating Officer

Senay Gaul


Administration Manager 

Aurella Yussuf


Production & Premises 


Head of Production and Premises

Ben Stephen


Technical Manager 

David Kett


Lead Technician

Laura Heinl




Operations Manager

David Pollock


Deputy Operations Manager

Zoe Fidel


Duty Managers

Olivia Furber, Jo Gray, Matt Lloyd, Chris Marchant, Nicole Young.


Premises Team 

Jennifer Sinclair, Valentina Vangi, Carlos Monteiro, Samuel Bostridge, Emma Barnie


Front of House Assistants

Andrew Chatterton, Dominic Frimpong, Eleanor Brayne-Whyatt, Harry Mead, Henrietta Thomas, Jade Ijeh, Kenneth Okisor, Kes Gill-Martin, Nelson Ekaragha, Olivia Furber, Sofia Tengku, Taylor Han, Lawrence Ijeh, Christine Bramwell, Hannah Benjamin, Jessamy Robinson, Nathan Geyer, Eusebius (Lee) Phillips.





Head of Development      

Jenny Daly


Business Development Manager 

Rob Fellman


Bookings Coordinator

Lilly Hannell


Development Assistant 

Leke Celaj


Every Child Campaign Manager

Cassie Raine


Food & Beverage


Head of Food & Beverage

Stavros Chirdaris



Brad Atkinson


Cafe Team Leader

Isis Craig-Hallam


Cafe Assistants

Harriet Dinan, Rachel Doherty, Justine Lawrence, Jessie Martin, Thomas Fournier.


Creative Programmes


Head of Creative Programmes

Rachel Nelken


Creative Programmes Manager

Linda Bloomfield


Creative Programming Assistant

Anthea Lewis


Youth and Community Programme Manager

Zaylie-Dawn Wilson


Youth and Community Programme Assistant

Kine Odegard


Meet Me at the Albany Project Manager 

Cara McAleese 


Meet Me at the Albany Project Assistant 

Roxanna Kennedy 


Garden Projects Coordinator

David Dandridge


Marketing & Sales


Head of Marketing and Communications

Kate Farrell


Marketing and Communications Manager 

Nadia Niesterowicz-Newstead


Marketing Assistant

Lucy Hall


Box Office Manager 

Rebecca Mead


Box Office Assistants

Alice Baker, Eleanor Brayne-Whyatt, Ritchie Foster, Olivia Furber, Kes Gill-Martin, Taylor Han, Jade Ijeh, Martha Margetson, Eleanor Rose, Henrietta Thomas




Finance Director

Mary Nri


Finance Coordinator 

Mark Blay


Finance Assistant 

Leke Celaj



Family Arts Campaign 


Head of Family Arts Campaign

Anne Dever


Family Arts Project Manager

Clair Donnelly


Canada Water Theatre


Operations Manager

Jai Channa


Deputy Operations Manager

Anita Foksa


Duty Managers

Deborah Herrmanns, Eleanor Rose, Martha Margetson, Nicole Young



Deptford Lounge


General Manager

Annette Butler


Operations Manager

Jade Nembhard


Duty Managers

Tamara Brown, Stephanie Prior, Megan Taylor, Sophia Tupy


Premises Team

Emmanuel Asirifi, Rui, Elizania & Iliane Dabo, Fatima Kamara, Iaia & Sirem Sanha Flavio Paquete, Dario Dos Santos Lima