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Afrovibes - The Revivalists

Afrovibes - The Revivalists


  • DATES & TIMES: Friday 17 October, 7.30pm
  • RUNNING TIME: 45 minutes
  • AGE GROUP: 14+
  • TICKETS: £12
  • Afrovibes (Amsterdam) with RIGHTABOUTNOW.INC (Amsterdam), Theatre Arts Admin Collective (Cape Town) and the Albany (London) present

    Afrovibes - The Revivalists

    The Revivalists explores the right to claim one’s own identity regardless of the perception of others. A crew of performers sample sections from four iconic theatre texts, using them to make statements about their own identity, much as a hip hop producer samples existing music to make a completely new sound, and telling a different story. It’s fertile ground for unorthodox and exciting performers to riff off and showcase their vision and talent.

    Created and directed by Maarten van Hinton and Marjorie Boston.


    This is the only performance of The Revivalists in the UK.


    The Revivalists is a multi-disciplinary production that takes place in a world under construction. Where you can create your own identity and where people construct their future out of bits and pieces from the past and present.


    With jazz-hiphop DJ LoveSupreme and seven other performers from South Africa, England and The Netherlands, classical European theatre texts take on a new dimension, explored in a theatre space transformed into a deserted dockside area.  In that setting, iconic pieces from classic theatre texts are sampled  and reworked to find common stories and new meanings.  It is about about determining your own identity, regardless of other people’s perception or opinions, and finding your own heroes.  At the same time it is a reflection on what the old classical stage repertoire can signify in a new era, seen from diverse cultural perspectives.


    The South African makers are Chuma Sopotela, Lidija Marelic and Pusetso Thibedi. The Dutch artists are Senna Gourdou, Mandela Wee Wee and DJ Lovesupreme. The artists from the UK are spoken word artists Adam Kammerling and Stephanie Turner from Chill Pill.


    This is an international collaboration between the Theatre Arts Admin Collective from Cape Town, the Afrovibes Festival and RIGHTABOUTNOW INC. from Amsterdam, The Albany in London and UK Arts International.



    Have a look at the trailer here:


    Afrovibes Festival


    Afrovibes Festival, bringing some of the very best of South African arts to the UK and the Netherlands, makes a welcome return to the UK and the Albany this autumn.


    In 2014, the festival's biggest-ever programme celebrates 20 years of South African freedom: 20 years since the ending of apartheid and the beginning of democracy. The creativity of award-winning artists brings us music, drama, dance, photography and film, reflecting upon what it is to be part of 21st century South Africa. By turns it'll be thought-provoking, energetic, sad, fascinating, wonderful. With free events, family workshops and themed food served in the atmospheric Township Cafe, drop by, hang out and belong - you'll believe that you really are thousands of miles from home!