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Bring the Happy

Bring the Happy


  • DATES & TIMES: Thursday 11 – Saturday 13 September, 7.30pm (Mapping: 18 August - 5 September, various times)
  • AGE GROUP: 12+
  • TICKETS: £12
  • PROMOTIONS £5 for mapping participants (subject to availability)
  • Invisible Flock & Hope and Social in association with the Albany present

    Bring the Happy

    Bring the Happy is an ongoing project about happiness taking place at the Albany and at Deptford Lounge. Invisible Flock will attempt to map moments and memories of happiness in Deptford and across the country. In collaboration with Hope & Social, these memories will be transformed into a live performance which promises to be an interactive, intimate and highly moving evening.

    A first kiss, a lost love, a longed for baby, childhood heroes, a proposal, a dance, a chance encounter – where did it happen and how happy did it make you feel on a scale from 1 to 10?

    For three weeks, Invisible Flock will occupy Deptford Lounge and transform it into a giant 3D map of the local area. You are invited to explore the map, discover what makes others happy and where, and in turn, submit your own happy moment or memory to add to the ever-growing database of the country’s happiness.


    Mapping hours at Deptford Lounge: 18 August - 5 September 

    Tuesday: 11am - 5pm
    Wednesday: 2pm - 8pm
    Thursday: 11am - 5pm
    Friday: 11am - 4pm, and 7pm - 9pm
    Saturday: 11am - 4pm


    At the end of three weeks the memories collected will be taken and transformed into Bring the Happy, a music and theatre performance at the Albany, that attempts an extravagant portrait of happiness, as the 1000s of memories collected are retold in all of their beautiful, sometimes tragic and sometimes ridiculous glory.


    Somewhere between a wedding and a wake, Bring the Happy Live attempts an extravagant portrait of happiness, as the 1000’s of memories collected are retold in all of their beautiful, sometimes tragic, sometimes ridiculous and occasionally mundane glory.


    In collaboration with Hope & Social the live performance promises to be an interactive, intimate and highly moving evening where we ask you to join us in celebrating the happiness of Deptford and the UK.


    'A show that begins the moment you hear about it and only finishes when you stop thinking about it.'

    Lyn Gardner, the Guardian


    ‘I left with a smile like a stain that could not be scrubbed off my face’ - Exeunt Magazine


    'Brilliantly inventive...In 90 minutes we laughed, cried, waltzed, lit sparklers, blew kazoos and waved glow sticks in a mini on-stage rave.' - Catherine Vonledebur, Coventry Telegraph


    'One of the UK’s top 5 live bands.' - The Independent (Hope & Social)


    Have a look at the trailer here:

    BringTheHappy promo from Simon Wainwright on Vimeo.



    Invisible Flock are Leeds-based artists driven by a desire to invite people to re-imagine their everyday. Their work draws from real life, often using technology to incite meaningful encounters, whether they take place online, on city streets, out at sea, in galleries or in empty spaces. Invisible Flocks' work exists at the point at which it meets the audience; interactive work that is brought to life by taking part, walking, submitting, or co-creating it alongside the artists.


    Hope and Social are a 6-piece band who do things a little bit differently; “We wear blue jackets. We play mind-blowing, balls-to-the-floor, anything-for-a-laugh, much-more-for-a-tear, heart-on-your-sleeve, foot-on-your-monitor gigs. Not gigs. Shows. No, not shows…events. We’re gloriously and fiercely independent. We decided that entertaining people and making the songs we love is the most important thing in music. And we like people. We like involving people”


    For more information, please visit or And follow Invisible Flock on Twitter: @invisibleflock


    Please note: 

    Age Guidance: 12+

    Contains strobe lighting and haze.