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The Deptford Fun Palace

The Deptford Fun Palace


  • DATES & TIMES: Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 October, various times
  • AGE GROUP: All ages
  • TICKETS: Free

  • The Deptford Fun Palace

    Local Deptford organisations, including the Albany, are teaming up to create Deptford’s Fun Palace for you to be part of and enjoy. 

    Central to the celebrations are five outdoor music and theatre performances, and Source (Sunday 5 October, 3pm), our epic tale of London's lost rivers, ending with a 'bring-what-you-can' party in the Albany's main theatre. Alongside this there will be loads of opportunities to make your own fun.


    Fun Palaces belong to everyone and can be created by anyone, so if you want to help us build the Deptford Fun Palace, contact Jenna:  


    Participating organisations include: Circadian Troupe, the Deptford Lounge, Deptford X, Goldsmiths University of London, MakeBelieve Arts, Teatro Vivo, the Albany & many more




    Please note:

    Outdoor events are taking place come rain or shine, so bring your brollies if the weather is wet.



    Saturday 4 October:


    Source Story Shop (Cirque Bijou and Nutkhut)

    The Albany café, 12-3pm

    Listen to and share stories about Deptford and its lost rivers.



    Giant Science Playground Prep (MakeBelieve Arts)

    Deptford Lounge, 12-4pm

    MakeBelieve Arts is inviting children/families to create bunting and other crafty delights in preparation for the Giant Science Playground. 



    The Red Anchors 

    Around Deptford and New Cross, from 12pm

    Deptford's newest street theatre troop present pop-up performances. 



    Sunday 5 October:


    Giant Science Playground (MakeBelieve Arts)

    Deptford Lounge, 11am-4pm

    The whole family is invited to help solve a mystery of GIGANTIC proportions. Deptford was once the land of giants and the Ministry of Mysteries has unearthed some interesting findings, and they need your help to work out how a giant from the past got sick!



    Grimms’ Collecting Agency (Teatro Vivo

    Woodpecker Community Centre, 11.45am

    Collecting stories is a family business for the Grimms, handed down through the generations - ever since their great great great great grandfathers, those famous brothers, heard the one about Hansel and Gretel. On a mission to assess the state of the nation, the Grimms will be collecting stories. Your stories...  Meet the Grimms and share your tales; who knows what you might inspire...  Grimms’ Collecting Agency is a performance piece that will interact with a large audience, provide some one to one experiences and offer a performance of a brand new story each time it pops up!



    The Red Anchors

    Around Deptford and New Cross, from 12pm

    Deptford's newest street theatre troop present pop-up performances.



    Raga to Reggae (Khiyo)

    Market Square, 12pm & 1pm

    Khiyo is a London band that gives Bengali heritage music a modern, fresh sound. Its radical interpretations draw from rock, folk, and Indian and Western classical music. Khiyo is gaining a reputation as a formidable world music band, performing at the Purcell Room for the Southbank Centre’s 2013 Alchemy Festival.



    CANCELLED - Fibonacci: Divine Principal (Dean Blunkell)

    Goldsmiths, University of London, 12.15pm

    The performance starts with performers appearing and encouraging the audience to view the architecture, apprentices begin to place models of baroque style buildings while other performers mark out on the floor Fibonacci plans gradually a model cityscape is created under the direction of the architect. At the end the ensemble all dance the Fibonacci, created especially for the performance.

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, this one event has been cancelled.



    Food Fight (Hunt & Darton)

    The Albany's garden, 1pm

    Treated as seriously and adjudicated with the same respect as an Olympic sport the makers of Hunt & Darton Cafe bring you Hunt & Darton Food Fight. Get ready to roll up your sleeves for some brutally brilliant food warfare. After a series of warm up workshops offering activity vital in your preparation to become a food fighter you will be ready to enter the arena. Take note of the rules and rigorous marking system, as there are unexpected ways to win. Perhaps you will be crowned ultimate champion, or be disqualified because your focus face was insincere, maybe you’ll secure additional points with legwork that deemed as beautifully absurd’, or maybe one of the meringues you threw caused the biggest and most spectacular splat. The rules are set, the pitch is painted and the food is prepared – Fight!



    Growing Up Club (The Albany)

    The Albany café, 12-1pm

    Gardening and craft activities for everyone, especially for the little ones aged 2-7.



    Hold On (Stefano Di Renzo)

    Giffin Square, 1.30pm

    Stefano works towards a dynamic fusion between circus and physical language, examining potential meanings and story through equilibristic, object manipulation and corporal movement. Alongside developing his own work, Stefano has worked with international physical theatre and circus companies, such as Ockham's Razor, & Oily Cart. Hold On is a circus theatre show using slack rope as the base of the theatrical language, exploring the relationship between a man and the system that governs his life.



    Source (Cirque Bijou and Nutkhut)

    Market Square, 3pm

    When London’s sewers and underground system were first created, six tunnellers were sent underground in a secret mission to find and save the sources of London’s rivers before they became buried forever. Now, 158 years later, during building works for London’s new super-sewer, these curious long-forgotten tunnellers emerge, travelling with their giant mobile water-spurting laboratory in a burst of song, dance and acrobatic displays.  Cirque Bijou and Nutkhut invite the people of Deptford to join them as they seek the Source, in a mobile, free, outdoor show for all the family.



    The Deptford Fun Palace Party

    The Albany, from 4pm

    A Bring-What-You-Can Party for all the community with live music and performance