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  • DATES & TIMES: Saturday 14 February - Sunday 22 February, various times
  • AGE GROUP: Various ages
  • TICKETS: Various


    A giant space rock is hurtling through the sky, heading for us! Where will it land? How big is it? What is it made of? When will it reach us? Are there aliens on board? What things shall we put in our ARK to save them from being destroyed? Friends? Animals? Toys? SmashfestUK is coming to London. An innovative, exciting, and unique new festival for all the family. This glorious mash up of entertainment will provide workshops, theatre shows, music and comedy performances and lots to see and do.  

    SmashfestUK will begin on “Launch Day” when we discover that an asteroid is heading for Earth: We need to figure out what we can do to stay out of harm’s way.


    List of events over the week:


    At Deptford Lounge, Saturday 14 - Sunday 22 February:


    10am - 10pm (5pm weekend) - Impact Exhibit


    10am - 8pm (5pm weekend) - Survival Supermarket Sweep



    Monday 16 - Sunday 22 February


    10am - 9pm - Mind's Eye in the Café



    Monday 16 February - Discovery Day


    11am - Dr Death and the Medi-Evil Medicine Show


    12pm - Comedy Club 4 Kids


    12pm, 2pm, 4pm & 6pm - Apocalyptic Free Cinema


    12pm - 6pm - Intergalactic Travel Bureau


    1.30pm - Dr Death and the Medi-Evil Medicine Show


    3pm - Suvival Factor: Have you got what it takes to survive the apocalypse?


    4pm - The Ugly Animal Ark 


    6pm - 9pm - Stargazing with The Flamsteed Astronomy Society


    8pm - End of the World Cabaret



    Wednesday 18 February - Impact Day


    10am - Marvellous Micro-Mini Beasts


    10am - 4.30pm - Monster Smash


    10am - 6pm - Intergalactic Travel Bureau


    12pm - Build Marvellous Micro-Mini Beasts Workshop


    1pm - End of the World Poetry Writing


    1.30pm & 3.30pm - Asteroid Emergency: Operation Impact


    2pm & 5pm - Pus Parps Poo Sick and Bogies


    6pm - 9pm - Stargazing with The Flamsteed Astronomy Society


    7.30pm - The Moment of Impact Show



    Sunday 22 February - Survival Day


    2pm - 7pm - Survival Party



    Watch this space for more updates.