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  • DATES & TIMES: Monday 13 – Friday 17 February
  • AGE GROUP: All Ages
  • TICKETS: FREE/Pay-What-You-Decide


    SMASHfest is back! For its most SMASHiest, scariest and most spectacular fest yet! Erupting February half term.

    Unbeknownst to Deptford a super-volcano is bubbling under Lewisham and things are going to get hot. SMASHfestUK explores how to survive when the world explodes and is smothered in ash.


    There will be many free and unticketed events on Thursday and Friday as well as more formal ticketed shows. Please see below for performances you can book tickets for:


    Stop in at any of the following events on Thursday 16 February to Friday 17 February from 10am to 4pm.

    Albany Garden

    Clean Water Challenge

    You’ve found water. At least that’s solved. But you’re only halfway there! Is it fit to drink? Poisoning yourself is not a great way to start your survival journey... What’s the best way to make it safe? Can you make enough, and fast enough to supply the village? Or do you just take what you need?


    Den Building

    What are the most important things you need when an emergency has been declared? Well you need food, water, but also shelter. Back for the third year Chris Harman is running the ever popular SMASHfestUK den-building activities. Can you build a shelter to survive the elements? Do you know what to do when there’s only the odds and ends left over in a disaster area? Chris Harman is here with answers. Find out the best way to build your survival shelter and make sure you make it out SMASHfestUK 2017 alive!


    Farm Lab

    When the sky is dark and the land is barren what are you going to do for food? Scouring the supermarkets for the last remaining cans may be the short-term answer. But what happens after that? Plants won’t grow in the darkened skies. But fungi will. Learn how to grow your own and take some home with you. They don’t take up Mush-room!


    Heat Your Home

    You have little fuel, and it’s getting cold. How do you keep warm and cook your food? What is the most efficient way using the little you have? Rocket stoves! Come make the fuel and see it burn! How do you build stoves that use fuel in the leanest way? Remember it doesn’t grow on trees, there aren’t any left! With soup available, come warm yourself...


    Math Structures

    The world needs rebuilding, but do you have the ability to do it? Can you use engineering and mathematical skills to save the world? Try out your solutions, test them and then try again. You can and must do it. The world is depending on you! MDX Maths will also be creating a rules-driven participatory maths artwork on the Garden patio.


    Piping Panic

    Water water everywhere and it’s all going down the sink... How do you get the water from where it is to where you need it? Piping! But there’s no plumber. What are you going to do? Can you fix it to get the water where it’s needed without losing any? There’s none to spare. Have a go making your own plumbing system in our survival village with engineers on hand to help you do it!


    Survival Village

    Deptford Creek is bubbling with a dark, dangerous secret. Somewhere beneath the water, tiny cracks and fissures are appearing. Lava and gases from the imminent Deptford volcano are leaking out, warning where the volcano is likely to blow. Can you help figure out where it will erupt, so we can evacuate people away from the danger?!


    Victor Volcano

    Victor is an island in the Mediterranean Sea with high hopes. He wants to be a volcano and burst with fiery pride, but how? This tale follows Victor on a colourful and explosive journey that introduces children to the wonderful world of volcanoes and where they are found. Author Dougal Jerram, a Professor in Volcanic Rocks, has used his expertise and passion to bring volcanoes to life for young children. A great story with a valuable educational message for children, and a useful guide for both parents and teachers.


    Volcano Survival Centre

    So you’ve been caught in the heat and the smoke. You’re not in a good way. Where do you go to get patched up? The Volcano Survival Centre. With top paramedics and burns experts find out how they respond in a crisis. They will make sure to get you at least functioning until the next disaster hits...


    Orange Room

    Escape Artists

    Can you work with the National Maritime Museum to help plot a route, bringing you and your families to safety? Find out about the Marshall Islands Sea Chart and how it can be used to save yourselves from the clutches of a Supervolcano. You’ll need to balance affected tube lines, predict the movement of crowds across the city and the possible ash cloud fall-out. Do you have what it takes to chart of the best route using the resources to hand?


    CSI Volcano

    You’ve found bones badly damaged and burned in the garden. Have they died as a result of the Supervolcano? Was it a pyroclastic flow that killed them? Did they suffocate from breathing in the ash cloud? Or was it something more sinister? The Greenwich University CSI team are here to help you find out the answers. Discover what really happened and whether it is just the Supervolcano you need to worry about...


    Robot Rescue

    Want to code a robot to navigate different volcanic obstacles? Try and test different kinds of robot language and see if you can make it move where you want it! Orlando Miller speaks about the impact, for both good and bad, that robots can have in your lives.


    Sunshine Powers the Way

    The power supply has been wiped out. There’s nowhere to plug in your phone - the sockets are destroyed, let alone there being any power. Are we back to candles and shouting? There is an answer: solar power! Can you get things going again with the power of the sun? Eric Schloss is here with kit and experiments so you can discover how!



    Mask Decorating

    With the air full of ash and thick with dust, how can you breathe safely? What can you do to stop your lungs being cut to ribbons or filling up with liquid cement... We have the masks for you. But how do you make sure you stand out? Make sure you decorate your mask in the brightest most visible way you can!



    Look around you. Can you see everything that is there? Really? Look closer. Maybe closer still. How can you look even closer? Well, we have the very thing. Ever looked through a microscope? Seen the unseen? We have mini-beasts to check out and crystals to see. Who knows what you will find in the world of the microscopic...


    Neon Mountain

    As Lewisham’s Supervolcano rumbles into action and Deptford disappears under a cloud of volcanic ash, join animation artist Jim Parkyn and put yourself in the story. Model a 3D self-portrait out of glowing clay and watch as an animated film of the eruption, starring your figure, grows before your eyes.



    Can you spot the volcanologist? What does one look like? We have two per day wandering the cafe and foyer ready to answer all your questions. What is it like to stand on a volcano? What is the most dangerous place you have visited? How smelly does it get? Find out and view samples they have brought back from their travels. One day this could be you...


    Blue Room

    Volcano Detection Unit

    How do you tell if a volcano is going to erupt? What testing can help you to find out? Spectroscopy is one method. It helps you test which chemicals are present in the world around us. Could these be the ones that indicate an imminent eruption? Could you be the first to know the truth? Are you the one to save Deptford?


    VR Volcano

    Enter into a fiery domain; see the heat and flames. Will you be scorched, disappear into a lava lake, or make it out alive? Come and see this hot world and live to tell the tale... it always helps if it’s virtual reality...




    Events will take place at both the Albany and Deptford Lounge.