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Fire in the Machine

Fire in the Machine


  • DATES & TIMES: Tuesday 11 - Thursday 13 April, 7.30pm Thursday matinee, 2:30pm
  • AGE GROUP: 12+
  • TICKETS: £10 / £8 concs

    Fire in the Machine

    Commissioned by the Albany.  

    Sounds Like Chaos make original performance and are Albany Associate Artists.


    Real genuine hard-working teenagers will be fine. SOUNDS LiKE CHAOS know how to use your time. Fire in the Machine is productive. We will be efficient, we will maximise our potential and we will be useful to you, to London and to the world. We will commit to driving the show forward, to growth, to ensuring we are firing on all cylinders. And we’re all going to have a really great time. Fire in the Machine is a new devised show combining theatre, karaoke and comedy, exposing the pressure to be productive and the outdated values of our education system.


    Watch the trailer here:

    FIRE IN THE MACHINE from Sounds Like Chaos on Vimeo.