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SMASHfest: The Rap and Folk SMASHup

SMASHfest: The Rap and Folk SMASHup


  • DATES & TIMES: Friday 17 February, 10.30am
  • AGE GROUP: 8+
  • TICKETS: Pay-What-You-Decide
  • SMASHfestUK

    SMASHfest: The Rap and Folk SMASHup

    What a musical treat to start the day! A full on rapping folk double header! Prepare to laugh and be inspired as Kyle Evans and Jon Chase take to the stage! 


    Who’d’ve thought pop culture and mathematics were such good friends?  That musicians from Dylan to Drake were dropping maths references into their tunes?  That Ian Curtis and Evariste Galois had so much in common?  Enter folk mathematician Kyle Evans and his trusty guitar, here to take you on a comedic musical tour through some unexpected parallels between maths & pop.  Come prepared for fun for maths enthusiasts and novices alike.


    Join BBC bitesize science presenter and author Jon Chase as he performs his unique raps about science. Jon has entertained more than 100 thousand people across the UK with his fun and informative raps.  He has written raps for NASA, The BBC and Channel 4 amongst others.  If you're into rap or science, this is not to be missed! Don't take our word for it, come see for yourself.