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SMASHfest: Think You Can Survive?

SMASHfest: Think You Can Survive?


  • DATES & TIMES: Friday 17 February, 3pm
  • AGE GROUP: 8+
  • TICKETS: Pay-What-You-Decide
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    SMASHfest: Think You Can Survive?

    When the pressure is on, how do we rise above? Will it only be the sharp-eyed that survive? How big a risk are you prepared to take? When your life depends on it, can you lie your way out of trouble? When the super volcano blows, how will YOU cope?

    Take a mental check up via some classic psychology insights. See how your mind can work best work when under pressure and how we’ve been practicing all our life. Learn how our body gives us away when we tell lies and why taking a risk is not always the easiest thing.


    This is not a survival show; no lighting of fires, no making of shelters. Jon will teach you that survival will depend on YOU being in the right frame of mind.