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Cabaret Playroom

Cabaret Playroom


  • DATES & TIMES: Tuesday 6 March and 15 May, 7.30pm
  • AGE GROUP: 18+

    Cabaret Playroom

    Established artists and emerging performers bring ground-breaking works-in-progress to the Albany.


    LINE-UP FOR 15th MAY


    Claudia Palazzo: that ain't gold

    Claudia is currently exploring themes around territory, violence and desire, linking her own experience to that of the changing East London landscape where she grew up. Incase you were wondering if I came (I didn’t come here for this).


    Miss Evie Lake

    Miss Evie Lake is your very own female imposter. She sings the book of yester year and some of the day before yester year.


    Tracey Smith

    Tracey Smith the Dry Cheese Sandwich is plain but she ain't simple. She's on a mission to share her pain.  My gawd it's awkward, but she's trying damn it, and there's no shame in that. She hopes that by sharing her inadequacies she might in some small way help others. (Bless her).

    Content warning: performance contains cheese.


    Rebecca W Morris

    In this act Kate Push the Pills is sharing her conflicted devotion to antidepressants. A light hearted journey through the void, our over-reliance on medication just make us feel okay, and the joy and elation to be found in realising that you feel okay


    ...and Limor Collins




    The night is co-curated by cabaret performer Tricity Vogue, and Lisa Lee of Rude Grrl.