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SMASHfest: How To Survive A Flood

SMASHfest: How To Survive A Flood


  • DATES & TIMES: Friday 16 February, 12pm
  • RUNNING TIME: 1 hour
  • AGE GROUP: 6
  • SMASHfestUK presents

    SMASHfest: How To Survive A Flood

    Could you survive a devastating flood? Come find out how an ice cold shower could save your life!

    If Deptford ended up underwater - would you know how to survive the flood? If not - fear no more! Dr Paddy Morgan, flying doctor and flood rescue technician along with Adey Mayhew, international rescue consultant, and flood rescue guru show the survival skills that make the difference between life and death. Pelt Adey with ice-cold water in this survival spectacular and
    find out how a cold shower could save your life!