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Jude Starbeam

Jude Starbeam


  • DATES & TIMES: Saturday 28 July, 3pm
  • AGE GROUP: 8+
  • TICKETS: Pay-What-You-Decide

    Jude Starbeam

    A Work-In-Progress Performance. Written by Deanna Rodger and devised by the company.

    When his spaceship crashes on a desolate planet, Jude Starbeam finds himself stranded in a far corner of the galaxy. At night he looks up to the stars and planets who sing songs to him...


     It’s 5’o’ clock in the morning. Everybody at the International Space Agency has been up all night, preparing for the big lift off. Jude hasn’t been able to sleep – the call comes through. ‘We’re ready. Take off in twenty minutes’.


    Jude Starbeam is a piece of theatre aimed at 7-11 year olds which tells the story of a little boy astronaut who gets lost in space. The show will use the metaphor of being lost in space to speak about the experiences of the family of a boy who acquires a brain injury in an accident. Using puppetry, music, and song, the piece will gently and playfully ask children to engage with the themes of difference, communication and inclusivity.


    On Sunday 29 July, 3pm there will also be a FREE interactive workshop to discover how our brains work, and what life might be like for children growing up with a brain that works a little differently from our own. Made in collaboration with researchers from Great Ormond Street Hospital.


    Free but ticketed. Book here.