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And There Was War

And There Was War


  • DATES & TIMES: Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 April. Doors 7pm, Show starts 7.30pm
  • RUNNING TIME: 120 mins
  • TICKETS: £15
  • PROMOTIONS £100 for 10 tickets
  • Jermaine Wong Presents

    And There Was War

    'And there was War’ is the story of the events surrounding Christ's birth, death and resurrection but portrayed through the invisible battle that rages with the "good & fallen Angels".

    The play portrays the reasons for the "fall" of the Angels. It follows the intimate challenges of a pregnant Virgin Mary and her betrothed Joseph. Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and his sons, the Crucifixion; all of these famous stories are interwoven creatively to tell an inspiring story.