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Spare Tyre's Scratches

Spare Tyre's Scratches


  • DATES & TIMES: Wednesday 27 February, 7.30pm
  • RUNNING TIME: 75 mins
  • AGE GROUP: 16+
  • TICKETS: £6
  • Spare Tyre Theatre Company presents

    Spare Tyre's Scratches

    Bold, brassy and abrasive, Spare Tyre’s Scratches will immerse you into a world of hilarity and humanity.

    'Shocking, stylish and very entertaining'

    Audience Member

    Spare Tyre’s artists showcase their stories, imaginations and physicalities through spoken word, song, dance, movement and film.

    Theatre that will touch your heart, scuff your emotions and unravel the farcical fantasies of life.



    Laughter, Wine and Sex is the Best Medicine

    Memories of a retired nurse: from bathing patients to drinking wine on duty and being confronted by French prostitutes.

    Two Bodies

    Two people, two stories, two journeys - how different lives connect, interact and collide.


    Women, Word and Film

    A performance investigating themes of childhood, adolescence and adult life unravelling love and language. Based on "Salome" taken from The World's Wife by Carol Ann Duffy.


    The Fortune Teller

    All is silent. Sometimes our lives are real, sometimes imagined. Which one of us feels, hears and sees everything? The Fortune Teller explores the world of confusion, awe and wonder.


    Visit Spare Tyre Theatre Company's website to find out more. Plus, take a look at their blog.