The Albany is a performing arts centre with a history stretching back to the nineteenth century. Over the last few years, we have emerged as a new type of arts venue, very much driven by the cultural diversity and creative mix of South East London. Involving people, through participation and partnerships, is central to our work and is essential to the delivery of our vision.

In Spring 2019, the Albany are producing a season of work celebrating rebels; people who shake things up and make positive change, both from throughout our 125 year history as well as now and in the future. It will be a season of disruptive, radical, rebellious work about politics, protest, breaking the mould and celebrating difference. It will feature work across any and all art forms; music, theatre, spoken word, circus, cabaret and of course work that doesn’t fit into those boxes. Events will take place across all three of our sites (the Albany, Deptford Lounge and Canada Water) as well as out in the local community.


What are we looking for?

The Albany are looking for 4 artists, companies or collectives for 4 new commissions, which will be programmed as part of the season:

  • One £3000 commission for an artist or company to create an artistic intervention or disruption for the season. This work should not be for a traditional theatre setting – it could be outdoor, in a community venue, or something else entirely. For this commission we would expect a commitment to additional fundraising, supported by the Albany team.
  • One £1000 seed commission for an artist or company to create an artistic intervention or disruption in Deptford, either in the Albany Studio Theatre, at Deptford Lounge, or elsewhere.
  • One £1000 seed commission for an artist or company to create an artistic intervention or disruption to take place in Canada Water Theatre and Library.
  • One £1000 seed commission for a learning disabled artist or company to create an artistic intervention or disruption at the Albany, supported by the Albany and Mind The Gap, England’s largest learning disabled theatre company. Please see this call-out for more information about the commission for a learning disabled artist.

Our ambition for the season is to connect with and offer a platform to artists to respond to the theme, and create work that is relevant and speaks to our audiences. We are open to interpretation of the meaning of ‘Rebels’ and ‘artistic intervention or disruption’, though ideally we are looking for ideas which connect with the local community in South East London, and explore topics linked to social change. Other work in the season so far explores identity (gender, class, race, sexuality, age, size, disability), feminism, extremism, economics, mental health, the internet, sex work, politicians and global warming, and we are open to expanding on this further.

The artists selected will work with the Albany team to bring their ideas to life. We appreciate £1000 is much less than it costs to make a show, so for the smaller commissions we are looking for something achievable within this budget, or for it to be included as match funding for a larger project. We will consider all projects, both small and large scale, as long as the ideas and budget in the application are strong.

The season will take place from 8th April – 31st May 2019. We can be flexible within these dates about when you can present your work, but if selected we will need you to commit to dates by 30 November 2018.

Commission arrangements

Each artist or company or collective will receive

  • The aforementioned commission money (£3000 or £1000)
  • Rehearsal space, to be agreed per project dependent on need and availability
  • Producing support from the Albany Creative team.
  • Marketing support from the Albany marketing team; inclusion in all season print and PR, event on the Albany website and social media etc
  • Fundraising support from the Albany team if required (please note the artist will need to lead on this but we are happy to support)
  • Your show, event or intervention programmed as part of the season in Spring 2019, including venue, get-in, and all technical support (within reason)


How to apply

We aim to make it as simple as possible for artists to apply, so please send us one A4 sheet or a video which includes the following information:

  • Which of the 4 commissions you are applying for
  • Your idea, clearly explained. If you’d like to include a mood board, images, or links to other relevant work this is helpful for us to imagine what you’re describing.
  • A basic budget for your idea, breaking down how you will use the commission money. If you are planning to use the commission as match funding please also include your main project budget with details of additional fundraising.
  • Some examples of your work as an artist/company so far. You do not need to include a CV, just a few links to your work online will do.

If you are applying using video, we are not worried about quality as long as we can see and hear you, so something filmed on a phone is fine. Please upload to YouTube or Vimeo as private or unlisted, and send us the link. Remember to include the password, if there is one.

You can send your application to us in one of the following ways:

By email: please email your application to, with ‘Rebels Application’ in the subject line.

By post: please post your application to Linda Bloomfield, The Albany, Douglas Way, London SE8 4AG or drop it in to our box office if you’re local.


If you have any questions about applying or have any access concerns please get in touch by emailing or calling Linda on 020 8692 4446 ext 266.


Top image shows Mem Morrison’s  Silencer in Deptford. Photo Camilla Greenwell.