Christopher Green is a multi-award winning performer and writer who has appeared all over the world. He works with many of the biggest cultural institutions in the UK.


Christopher is currently making The Home, an experiential durational piece of theatre about residential care, in collaboration with the Albany and Entelechy Arts, drawing on their years of shared work with older people.

The Home will create an old people’s home where the audience are invited to spend two nights. They will be ‘the cared for’ during their stay. The staff will be played by professional performers and community participants who are all older artists. The piece will be based on stories told by residents and staff living and working in care homes. They’ll spend the first 24 hours replicating the kind of behaviour older people have experienced in care homes; good, bad, messy, indifferent, ill-thought-through and wonderful.

After 24 hours a transformation will occur.  The staff will begin to change personality, the building to shape-shift.  The dystopian will become a utopian possibility – a vision of how things could be. Of course, some people still won’t be happy.  And this will lead to discussions of the grown-up nature of what we are dealing with. There are harsh realities:  Old age isn’t for sissies.  But dreaming, risk-taking and a desire to transcend the possible is the job of art and artists.  The Home intends to push every boundary during audiences two night stay.  And there will definitely be Bingo.

This large scale theatrical presentation will be staged in the UK in autumn 2019 with international stagings starting in 2020.

I am an entertainer. I do this through writing and performing. I do lots of very varied projects because I’m lucky enough to be able to follow my interests and make work about them. It seems that I’m interested in lots of things.
Christopher Green


About Christopher Green

His experimental theatre work includes Office Party; VIP, The Razzle; Prurience and This Show Has No Name.

He is a father, a son, a very lucky boyfriend, and unluckily a widower. He is also a Buddhist, a recovering depressive, and a very keen baker.

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Top image shows Chris Green as Ida Barr in the Albany theatre.