“The opposite of networking is not working”.

ORBIT is a podcast which platforms the voices of captivating and emerging artists. We put the focus on what makes their world’s spin and our conversations revolve around artistic expression,  mental well-being, and professional development. ORBIT is about allowing creatives to grow and learn from each other, and the varied obstacles they may face. We talk with artists ranging from the genesis to the later stages of their journey

We ask the “why” questions and hope to share our platform with inspired individuals. Though there is an emphasis on creativity, ORBIT speaks to anyone interested in developing a skill or self improvement.

In the first season, ORBIT will explore finding one’s place as a creative, healthy partnerships, and feelings around sharing our expression. We delve into the mindset of some powerful, upcoming voices.

The season was led by members of SOUNDS LiKE CHAOS, involved in a range of creative ventures.

The ORBIT podcasts will be available to stream via Anchor FMSpotify, and Pocket Casts, with content released fortnightly on a Friday.

Season 1 ran from Friday 12th March to Friday 23rd April.