If that’s your calling then welcome to the journey into finding your own primitive beat. Drums are an ancient way for tribes to come together and find a collective rhythm.

This drumming experience, led by Seemia Theatre, will immerse you into an ensemble experience and engage you in finding your own drumbeat.

Drums are provided for all participants. Come with an open mind, a rebellious soul and a will to make noise.


About Company:

From the native Persian, Seemia translates as ‘Casting a spell with words.’

Seemia Theatre are an award-winning international theatre ensemble dedicated to sharing stories that ought to be heard. We endeavour to connect the performers and audience with current issues in society fusing physical theatre, musicality, poetic text and storytelling.

The ensemble of 6 artists from Iran, Argentina and the UK was established in October 2015 following 8 months of training with acclaimed Polish theatre company, Song of the Goat.