We have £1,000 to give an individual or group to make a project at the Albany (or elsewhere) within the next year. Come to the Pitch Party to hear about the projects and events in the running, pick and vote for your favourite and eat free pizza.

In Spring 2019, the Albany announced our Rebels Season, running from 11 April – 1 June 2019. The season is about politics, protest, breaking the mould and celebrating difference. We supported people to push boundaries and challenge what we might expect when they were making or pitching performances and projects for it.

We want to continue supporting work of this nature, but would like to try a more open and democratic process for choosing who gets funded. We are a community-orientated arts organisation, so are putting our money where our mouth is and committing £1,000 to whichever project is voted for by YOU at our FREE Pitches and Pizza Party.

Join us for a creative evening of hearing pitches, discussion and debate. Eat pizza and vote for your favourite project!

Please note you do not need to be a ‘professional’ artist to apply, but you can be. Find out more about how to apply by following this link.