Commissioned as part of the Albany’s Rebel Season legacy, The People’s Party is a day of workshops organised by born and bred Deptfordian Nkechinyere Nwobani-Akanwo. This is a day for Deptford locals to come together to express their political ideas, form their own party and get creative with it.

With the country becoming ever more divided, long-established communities being changed beyond recognition and the gulf between politicians and those they ‘represent’ growing exponentially, it’s time the people had their say.

Supported by Deptford X, you are invited to take part in this free event led by local facilitators to delve into the neighbourhood’s politics and policy-making before turning concerns to solutions and developing ideas into your own party manifesto. The afternoon is dedicated to working with artists to articulate your new plans creatively through theatre, illustration and design!

The workshop will be followed by a public presentation, details to be confirmed.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

If you would like to take part in the workshop, click here to download an application form and email the completed form to Participants for the workshop will be considered based on the application form.