2020VISION a series of new commissions from the Sounds Like Chaos Collective. The commissions give young artists complete creative freedom to experiment and respond to Covid 19. We will foster innovation, independent voices and vision for the digital work of the future. From Monday 9 November we’ll be releasing original work spanning all forms of genre, form and platforms:

Madalina Gabriela
My mind, my greatest dancer – original choreography and short film. I don’t dance, I am letting my thoughts carry me around. And when they become a burden, that’s the best part of the dance; even in chaos there is control.

Chiquita Delisser                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Rebel women – Fashion Collection
This project is upcycling bucket hats, inspired by rebel women. This is from famous artists to women I have in my life. The aim is to uplift and inspire people to embrace their individuality because it’s ok to rebel. The collection is not gender specific as you don’t have to be a woman to appreciate the feminine divine.

Faruq Adigun
“Hmm, I wonder ?”- Poem and Short Film

An absurd poem looking at the principles of perspective through spoken language and film . This poem flips reality on its head or tails. Yet , what is reality when each of us could have a different definition for a word or a different story for a one situation. Look at it this way or that way, the facts remain the same. This is a poem made by me on the day that I made it.

Gregor Laurence
“OST” – Original Music

‘OST’ is inspired by ambient music and film/TV soundtracks. The tracks aim to create a sense of space for the listener to place themselves within, using a mixture of serene and unsettling soundscapes. Through this, the listener could use the soundscapes as their own Original Soundtrack (or OST, for short) to a story of their own imagining.

Phoebe Fairchild

This is a collection of demo songs that I have composed. They are themed around various issues women go through, overall hopefully empowering women to become more strong in themselves with a higher sense of confidence

Olivia Spence
Liv’s Lockdown Treats – Original Recipes

A collection of some of the many cakes, brownies, cookies and many more treats I baked throughout lockdown. These recipes are filled with delicious ingredients and love. Enjoy! 🙃

Monay Thomas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Enlighten- Starting out as a creative: A resource booklet

For budding actors seeking advice and guidance. From applying to Drama School to monologues to getting involved with Theatre. A particularly useful took for black creatives in need of the above.

Ines Yerwood-Schanchez
Origami with Ines – Origami Videos

Follow me on a creative journey of the art of folding paper. With weekly origami tutorials that you can try in the comfort of your own home. Ranging for easy to difficult.

Indie Max
Nu World – Music and Visuals

This collection of sounds painting a theoretical picture for a new way of life.The soundtrack to a peaceful revolution. I made this music with the intention of meditating along. Depicting and manifesting a more connected world. The use of ambient sounds grounds this in reality and reminds the listener to be mindful. The cover art are pictures taken by myself and are an attempt to capture the beauty already present around us.

The second part is a continuation of this… I started with the idea of adding vocals and poetry to the music. During this time I had to deal with difficulties in consistent technology, and outside pressures. The music reflects this as it asks questions of the listening world. The lyrics were born out of the more unknown feeling that I have had this last month. It still paints some hope, though is cautious. It remembers that the new world is just as daunting as exciting. It is a project of duality, and a lone agent commandeering himself..

Amaarah Roze
Artistic Archives: The Miscellaneous Black Journey Into Britain – short film

Artistic Archives is a documentary style short film detailing the African and Caribbean journey into Britain told from a creative perspective including Spoken Word, Dance and music

Monique Di-Paolo
Identity- Short Film

A collection of responses to the idea of “Identity”. What does it mean to you? I collated several recordings of different perspectives on people’s identities and what it means to them, and I drew my interpretation over the audio.

Ihsan Quamie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The RobotRadio play

A short dramatic piece written and recorded by myself encompassing some of the thoughts and feelings I have had during lockdown.

Gifty Kyeremah                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Colours – spoken word short film

Colours is a spoken word short that showcase the beauty of colours from red, green, black yellow. The visual telling is to show the importance of what colours represents by our clothes, skin, nature and our emotions.

BINA, Sabrina Obiago                                                                                                                                                                                                              Music is Therapy – music

My project is focusing on the healing and cathartic qualities which I believe music has. I have

used my quarantine commission to hone my guitar-playing skills and create a piece which is

inspired by trying to process an experience which previously left me in emotional turmoil. I hope that through telling this story, people will be able to resonate with some aspects of the song. The song is called “Just Breathe” and although the original version of this song was produced by an American producer called thxnkq, I will be making a solo version entirely produced, written, recorded and mixed by me. It will be released under my artist name, BINA.

Alexica Hume                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                What makes your Self Identity?- short film

This project created by Alexcia Hume focuses on what makes people’s self-identities. There is going to be talk about the struggles that one face when trying to find there self and what things help define you as a person. Also, it is going to go through each topic that creates an identity and how it helps shape who you are today. In addition, the project will let people know when you should know who they are and when they don’t need to know as much about who you are.

Christine Bramwell                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Me and My Feet – live sound streamed walks

Me and My Feet is a live streamed sound experience taking you into the dusk of Lewisham. I will be transmitting the sounds of four life significant journeys, walking through the past to understand the present.