Albany Connects is a unique, door to door delivery service run in partnership with Entelechy Arts which enables creative exchanges between local residents.

Building on the success of a delivery programme which saw activity boxes and art activities sent to Meet Me members, the project is an extension of the existing remote support provided by Entelechy Arts and the Albany for adults over 60 in the borough.

Responses to our remote programmes from members include:

“It’s been wonderful. I’ve always loved the Albany and the people. I miss [my family] and I am hoping that the virus will go away and we can be reunited again. [What we’re doing now] is a little bit different but I do enjoy it anyway

“I applaud what you are doing. We have to be patient. It makes a difference…not everything can happen the way we want it”  

“I miss you all. It’s been a big part of my life. And  I feel like I haven’t completely lost it…it’s still with me. If we lost it, it would be like a death in the family…no contact, no speaking and sharing and singing songs…I look forward to it.”

“You’ve all done tremendous work in keeping us all together”  

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