The story explores how people act individually and / or with others in extreme circumstances.

It’s set within a casting process for a movie that depicts the true story of the murder of a rabbit committed by a family. Family secrets are revealed and the perceived world of normality is quite literally turned upside down.

Using humour and tension, it explores our modern, morbid fascination with True Crime stories and collective intrigue about what happens ‘behind closed doors’.

What is it about gruesome crimes that we find so salacious? Why do we seek out the gory details? In a world where we are judged (and judge others) at face value, to what lengths will we go to keep up normal appearances? And what sordid secrets do we harbour behind closed doors?

Supported by Centre de Creation (Dordogne), Proteus Creation Space (Basingstoke), Sea Change Arts (Great Yarmouth) and Arts Council of England.


Eleni Edipidi, Nathan Johnston, Ivonne Kalter, Charlee deBolla, Collin McLean

Creative Team

Artistic Director Eleni Edipidi

Costume Design by Levantes Dance Theatre

Costume Making by Abby Grewcock

Visuals by Gopan Iyadurai

Top image: Christos Symeonides