Cabaret Playroom has been hosted by the Albany since September 2014. Since then a veritable who’s who of artists have brought their experiments and works-in-progress to the intimate studio space, to take the audience on a journey that’s often as much of a surprise to the performers themselves.

Each show is unique and features a selection of short performances from a wide range of artists, genres and styles, hosted by Tricity Vogue.

Past events have featured work from established and emerging artists alike, including Sarah Louise Young, Paul Martin, Holly Penfield, Matthew Floyd Jones, Ria Lina, Topsie Redfern, Jon Hicks, Claudia Palazzo, and Lord Hicks.

The line up for this event includes:


Gareth’s Slightly Awkward Sex Party

Gareth has burned the vol-au-vents, Steve has lost the douche and Ben the Bear can’t find anywhere to park his Penny Farthing. Could this be the most awkward sex party ever? Join host Gareth Edward who will share some clever hosting tips, particularly on how to survive that ‘difficult first hour’. This new work features two very informative songs – Don’t over-douche (You’ll dribble on the carpets), and for those fans of cleaning up, Choregasm. Bring a bottle.



Loris & Lee

A female musical comedy cabaret duo, Loris & Lee is the love child of Celia Delaney & Tamasine Kimber.

Silly songs and sketches, intended to spread a little love and kindness into the world. With piano, ukulele and a sprinkling of sequins, Loris & Lee are two best friends who love to entertain!


Jeu Jeu la Foille

Jeu Jeu la Foille is a burlesque maverick, clown and poet. The last theatre show she made was about Tom Waits and experimental brain surgery. Now she’s cooking up something new for your horror, amusement and bewilderment.

‘This amount of cleverness and hotness should be illegal.’ Barelesque


J FUN performs ‘mugged by invisible men’

Through song, poetry, lip-syncs and dance, J FUN resurrects a personal archive of references from black and queer culture as a wistful meditation on the struggles between visibility and agency, as well as the search for selfhood within the margins of identity. Marrying the existential plight of Ralph Ellison’s ‘Invisible Man and the intimate sensuality of Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ podium dancer, the figure hosts viewers as voyeurs in his imagination, where his delusions manifest an eternal state of rehearsal for a show that will never be performed.



Mrs Jonjo.

Mrs Jonjo is a long-lallied queer clown who makes performance from naivety, joy and usually far too many props. For cabaret Playroom he is planning on sending in the clowns as well as attacking a few other cabaret classics with his signature stupidity and style.