Cabaret Playroom has been hosted by the Albany since September 2014. Since then a veritable who’s who of artists have brought their experiments and works-in-progress to the intimate studio space, to take the audience on a journey that’s often as much of a surprise to the performers themselves.

Each show is unique and features a selection of short performances from a wide range of artists, genres and styles, hosted by Tricity Vogue.

Past events have featured work from established and emerging artists alike, including Sarah Louise Young, Paul Martin, Holly Penfield, Matthew Floyd Jones, Ria Lina, Topsie Redfern, Jon Hicks, Claudia Palazzo, and Lord Hicks.


Have a look below to our fantastic line up for the day.


Becky Hoyle presents ‘Good Wife’s Guide’, based on the 1950’s infuriating article called the ‘Good Wife’s Guide.’ it is a dark comedy ‘grotesque burlesque’ piece. Becky is an actor working mainly in children’s theatre, she has been developing this act between jobs for a while.



Not so fresh from Awk’s run with his solo show ‘All Work, No Play’ Awk is very excited to play with a wonderful audience at Cabaret Playroom.

All Awk wants is to impress you and just to be loved, he’s quite happy if you laugh at him, not with him, as long as he gets the attention he desperately craves, he may even sing you a little song to say thank you!


JoJo Bellini is back at the Cabaret Playroom and she is going to get naughty! Previewing a part of her new show Bondage Queen Sings the Hits, expect Latex, PVC and a whole lot of fun. Full show Brighton Fringe, May 20-26.


Annabelszki is a Brighton-based performance artist who has performed internationally (Dublin, Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin, Bali, Michigan, NYC, Toronto, Zurich, Sydney). She delivers a fusion of spoken word, stand-up, sketch comedy and cabaret. She tears down the fourth wall and embraces the audience’s ideas, which are used as ideas in spoken word pieces, as well as audience members being invited up on the stage, as part of sketches. Her work is political and feminist, taken from a lesbian perspective.


Emma Waterford AKA Ginger Blush is back at Cabaret Playroom with an extract from her latest Work In Progress “How Quaint”, a show about words, women and how original meanings may not be as “Quaint” as we might imagine.


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