Cabaret Playroom is a groundbreaking platform for new work that’s been hosted by the Albany since September 2014. Since then a veritable who’s who of artists have brought their experiments and works-in-progress to the intimate studio space, to take the audience on a journey that’s often as much of a surprise to the performers themselves.

Each show is unique and features a selection of short performances from a wide range of artists, genres and styles, hosted by Tricity Vogue.

The night is co-curated by cabaret artists Tricity Vogue and Lisa Lee, and has featured work from established and emerging artists alike, including Sarah Louise Young, Paul Martin, Holly Penfield, Ria Lina, Topsie Redfern, Jon Hicks, Claudia Palazzo, Lord Hicks, Victoria Falconer, and Lynn Ruth Miller.


Ralph Bogard

Songs I love, and what they mean to you.

Why do songs mean different things to different people? How does the song’s meaning change on the journey 

from performer to audience? Ralph explores this intriguing phenomenon using some of his favourite songs in 

an interactive cabaret.

Find out more about Ralph Bogard here.


Jack Clearwater is David in ‘DAVID’

What if you had your own android?

Your own David Byrne android?

What would you have him do?

DAVID’ is a cabaret solo fusing lip-sync, choreography and radical sound design to examine the murky future of machine consciousness, shining a spotlight on our embodied entanglements with technology.

Interrogating our relationships to artificial intelligence, it explores the concepts of free will and consent through the phenomena of embodied, non-human ‘persons’.

Witness the next generation David, launching September 16th.”

Find out more about Jack Clearwater here.


Holly Penfield

San Franciscan singer songwriter Holly Penfield releases her original new album Tree Woman. The new album follows her worldwide, billboard charting debut album Full Grown Child, which she recorded in Los Angeles with renowned record producers Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn (Blondie, Suzi Quatro, Sweet, The Knack).

Holly says of her new album Tree Woman:

With my songs, I am interested in exploring lyrically and musically the human condition especially from the woman’s point of view. The heart and soul of the new album is all about a woman’s journey – emotionally, spiritually, artistically and philosophically. Tree Woman is dedicated to the ever evolving spirit of a woman’s (and man’s) journey into the core of their being.’

Holly will be performing solo on keys.

Find out more about Holly Penfield here.



Simon Ambrose Brown is “Enrico Touché ACA FCAA FCAAA A

Enrico is a full qualified chartered accountant whose time has finally come to grace the stage. Showcasing not just his expert accountancy skills, but also his dramatic flair and impeccable timing, Enrico will leave audiences amazed, if not more numerate – “you can count on me!”

Simon is an actor, physical comedian and aerialist. He is an emerging performer who likes to make work that is a mixture of the playful and absurd.

Find out more about Simon here.

Me? No Pause! by Belszki

Belszki presents the perimenopause. What’s that I hear you cry? Discover the delights of being a 47 years+ woman with unreliable levels of progesterone. Expect brain fog, pain, flooding and insomnia. Hot stuff!

Find out more about Belszki here.


Mr. Teds

Have you ever been dumped by your therapist? Mr.Teds has.

Introducing Jacky Nory, and reading from – ‘A i r B r U S h E d’ – a collection of their short stories –
London-based performance artist Mr.Teds Walker appears at Cabaret Playroom for the first time.

Mr. Teds has appeared in theatres and arts festivals worldwide, as well as being Artistic Director of the award-winning Pocket Oxford Theatre Company.

Find out more about Mr. Teds here.

We are constantly monitoring the government’s COVID-19 guidelines. Should the situation change, the event will be postponed and bookers will be notified in regards to their options.

Supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation through the Weston Culture Fund