Zia turned 17 last week. When they arrive at Camp Phoenix for a compulsory weeklong residential, they aren’t sure if it’s for them. The camp helps young people emerge from the dust of their younger selves, just like a phoenix. Through regulated activities, young people develop the skills to rise into the next phase of their lives to become great citizens and employees.

But not everything goes to plan. When Zia and their newfound friends realise that the camp’s values don’t include everyone, they discover that the most valuable lessons are those learnt from the people around them.

What advice do teenagers wish they’d had when they were still kids? Camp Phoenix has been developed through conversations with 600 young people nationwide to find out. 9-year-olds shared their worries, and those aged 16+ responded with expert wisdom. Camp Phoenix shares that wisdom with honesty, hope, and humour.

Camp Phoenix is a show packed with adventure, new music, and vital life lessons, featuring a dynamic cast of professional performers and local young people from Lewisham College.

Written by Katie Greenall
Songs by Koko Brown

Touch Tours: A Touch Tour will take place before each performance at 6.30pm. Touch Tours give families a chance to touch the set, props and costumes and familiarise themselves with the world of the show before the performance. This may be particularly useful to blind or visually impaired audience members, or those with sensory issues. If you would like to book for the Touch Tour, please email reception@thealbany.org.uk or call 020 8692 4446.