Music is social space, a helter-skelter ride for the ears. Our line-up this time includes the radical fire groove of Albert Newton, the outsider alt psych power trio Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something.

International players Pat Thomas (keyboards), John Edwards (double bass) and Charles Hayward (drums) are Albert Newton. Immediate, compelling and enticing, this vibrant music continues and develops across a wide range of audiences and spaces including palatial cultural cathedrals, social dance events and scruffy South London pubs, a conscious strategy to break divisions put in place by an avant-garde elite eager to maintain a cultural schism that confirms an avant-garde elite.

Initially a quartet, since the death of jazz trumpet legend Harry Beckett in 2010 the group remain a trio, working its way slowly back from a ‘music of absence’ towards a place of resistance and communal joy live in the moment: fire, groove, conviction and strength

Albert Newton: 3 extreme and imaginative musicians in a joyous celebration of creative telepathy building music beyond.

Albert Newton: the quantum confronts the funk.


Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something capture the hinterland between emotions and actions. Outsider, alt, psych, power trio emerging like joyous outsider warriors, the songs either overtly or indirectly demonstrate solidarity with anyone that’s ever identified feeling off kilter with the rest of the universe and needed an equally wonky soundtrack. An introspective journey through psychedelic glam-rock nightmares, woozy flows of self-discovery and beguiling lyrics delivered with subtlety and intensity. Jemma Freeman (vocals, guitar), Samuel Nicholson (bass) and Jason Ribeiro (drums) are your astral guides in this strange country, illuminating a path, in reality they’re as lost as the listener. In this limbo thoughts tumble on top of each other through twisted rhythmic guitar, bass and drums that interchange and play with each other in a frenzied cosmic dance.

“An onslaught of guitar tethered to laid back bass as the rhythm lifts it all higher. To watch them is to be caught in the eye of this musical storm: you are pulled right in, carried along, and tipped out the other side, wild with the lingering feel.” – Popoptica


Musician, producer and Slowfoot Records boss Frank Byng will DJ throughout the evening, spinning an eclectic range of music from across space and time, joining up the dots and keeping things moving.

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