Music is social space, a helter-skelter ride for the ears. Our line-up this time includes audio visual sound art duo Harmergeddon in a full- on confrontation with drummer Charles Hayward, electric violinist Agathe Max, electric/acoustic songstress Merlin Nova. DJ/loopmeister A Record of Living Beings will keep thing moving before, between and after.

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Harmergeddon is Nathan Greywater and Polyphoniefae, Their live show blends sound and light in a feedback loop using photophonics (sound on light beams), electro magnetic fields and consumer electronic junk, from scrap metal to the electronic fallout of late capitalism with a basis in improvisation and psychedelia. The result verges on sensory overload. Tonight they will be premiering the Hayward Versus Harmergeddon project.

Charles Hayward constantly pushes at the edges of sound, from the stark prog rock of Quiet Sun, the post punk apocalyptic This Heat and Camberwell Now through to numerous solo and collaborative projects. Lockdown saw 2 album releases from Charles, the CD Crossfade Estate and the vinyl Hayward Versus Harmergeddon which premieres live tonight.

Sound alchemist Agathe Max works inside the European underground, collaborating far and wide, conjuring lightning storms and vast oceans from her electric violin. Music for the imagination. Tonight she performs with visual artist Ross Adams.

Merlin Nova is a contemporary song and performance artist, crossing diverse energies, intensities and attitudes. Super-focussed and committed she recently released BOO! her first solo album

A Record of Living Beings is Raimund Wong, a graphic artist, DJ and cassette loop enthusiast, with ideas of ‘chance materials’ and their manipulation being the inexact and coincidental thread between these activities. Also a bringer of music for lovers, ravers and riders alike.