Deptford-based photographer Jenny Catlow has captured creatives in their studios and spaces, allowing us a glimpse into their worlds and their creative process.

Jenny hopes that these images serve as a reminder that everyone has something to offer. Not to just look at a person and make an assumption of who they are as a creative “they must be like this or that”, but rather they have full lives and stories that influence what they do, from the lines on their faces to the smallest stitch on the leather, there are more stories than you could begin to comprehend. / @jennycatlowphotography

Lewisham is home to a vast array of diverse, vibrant and ambitious creatives, existing in many different forms across many disciplines. Each project, practitioner and business is unique with its own distinctive personality, offering something special to our local community. From digital and technology to craft and making, creatives are engaging with important ideas through a variety of different spaces, resources and practices. SHAPESLewisham was conceived with this diversity at it’s heart and aims to provide a platform upon which a creative community can thrive. Our vision is for creatives to engage with each other, feel supported and be connected. / @shapeslewisham