Days Like This brunch emerged onto London’s day-party scene in 2016 when the founders brought along their brunch idea from their time in New York. DLT has since become somewhat of an institution for black joy in London, the formula is simple but unforgettable for attendees. The collaboration of good food, music, people and often guest performances from world-renowned artists, has seen DLT not only repeatedly feature on British Vogue, but grow in number and in the hearts of the community that make it what it is today.

With two of the founding members of DLT attending school in Lewisham, the borough and community within it, naturally contribute to a big part of their identities, making the partnership with the London Borough of Culture, feel like a full-circle moment.


1pm: RBC
2pm: Selecta Suave
3pm: AAA
4pm: Buttery Hotness
5pm: Odeal
5.20pm: Aychibs
6pm: Shaybo
6.20pm: Rachel Anson
7pm: Spinall
8pm: Donch