Part 1

ID: Babylon

A collaboration with Potent Whisper and the Albany

ID Babylon is a fresh artistic exploration of belonging, borders and Britishness in a white world, through a Black lens.

No set. No boundaries. Just our stories.

You can build our Britain but our Britain wasn’t built for you
You are illegal, I am a citizen
I am an expat, you are an immigrant

Maymuna Abdi
Peter Johnson (The Repeat Beat Poet)
Tayo Olowo-Okere
Tendayi Mutongerwa

Part 2

What Protects Us: Stories From Everyday Rebels

Rebel: Dr. Martens, fist raised, smashed glass – someone who goes against the grain. But what does rebellion look like? What does it look like on school runs, at job centres, in supermarkets and inside our own heads?

Using the Decameron Method of verbatim interviewing, four artists from three communities across two countries have made a cross-art form show from a riot of unheard voices. Bringing to life local stories collected from Deptford, Stratford and Amsterdam around the moments in people’s lives when they’ve had the feeling of regaining control.

The Decameron artists are Gabriel Jones, Urielle Klein-Mekongo, Sebastian H-W and Leila Sahir.

The director is Milone Reigman. The Artist Mentors are Libby Liburd and Caleb Femi.

Commissioned and produced by the Albany, Stratford Circus Arts Centre, Future Arts Centres, and Stichting LikeMinds (Amsterdam).

Supported by Future Arts Centres and Creative Europe.


Top image of ID: Babylon.