You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you’ll start paying.

Schlep to Duckie’s 26th Anniversary in South London and celebrate with shopworn slebs and showbiz slobs.

Drag up in something past-its-sell-by-date & drag your sorry a** to Deptford.

Featuring a stable of shopsoiled tribute acts from Ursula Martinez, Oozing Gloop, Harold Offeh + Ebony Rose Dark.

Hosted by Azara with DJs Readers Wifes.

Cross dress or dress cross with naff lewk-e-likeys, unimpressive impressionists and the alphabet people:

A is for Amy Winehouse
B is for Boudicca
C is for Coco Chanel
D is for Dot Cotton
E is for Elvis Presley
F is for Freddie Mercury
G is for Ginny Lemon
H is for Henry the Eighth
I is for Ivy Tilsley
J is for Josephine Baker
K is for Karl Lagerfield
L is for Luther Vandross
M is for Margaret Cho
N is for Nancy from Oliver!
O is for Olive from On the Buses
P is for Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil
Q is for Quentin Crisp
R is for Ryan Clarke
S is for Stormé DeLarverie
T is for Tina Turner
U is for Uncle Roger
V is for Vesta Tilley
W is for Wallace Simpson
X is for Lil Naz X
Y is for Yootha Joyce
Z is for ZZ Top



Supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation through the Weston Culture Fund