But what if you don’t have all the right parts? Or you do, and one of them is broken. As it turns out, some things are un-mendable.

Egg is a powerful and evocative new aerial theatre production from acclaimed circus theatre company Paper Doll Militia: a highly visual exploration of female fertility, sexuality and choice. Weaving together personal testimony, live original music and stunning aerial artistry, the piece takes audiences on a deeply personal and political journey, following the true story of a woman who gave her eggs to her friend to have a child.

Created, written and performed by Sarah Bebe Holmes with music from Balázs Hermann.



Paper Doll Militia

Paper Doll Militia’s innovative approach to choreography and poignant use of theatricality gained the company the reputation of being pioneers in original aerial theatre. The Company was formed in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA) in 2006, relocated to California in 2008, and set up their UK base in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2013. Referred to as ‘The sophisticated circus of now’ (Edinburgh Review), their work seamlessly weaves high-octane aerial arts and visual theatre into a contemporary circus spectacle.