Two films will be screened on a loop throughout the day. Drop in and watch at any time – no need to book.

Yoga For the Feet (20 mins)

A short film about reconnecting with our bodies in the real and digital world.

Bea first attempts yoga through the YouTube channel, ‘Yoga With Annie’ in preparation for walking the Camino de Santiago. Bea embarks on a journey of redefining her relationship with herself through her feet.

Starring Megan Kirk and Ciara Pouncett, Yoga for the Feet incorporates integrated audio description and
captioning throughout, with additional access materials available (audio introduction, Simple Story).

Written by Tilly Lunken
Directed by Stephen Bailey.
Director of Photography – Sohaila Ferrier
Editor – Alexander Stagg
Composer – Nicola T. Chang
Access consultancy – Quiplash.
Produced by – Ellandar Productions.

Conversations with Carers (15 mins)

There are 7 million carers in the UK. Some work on the frontline of social care, others are unpaid carers for family members that need support because of health conditions, age or disability.

The film explores the lived experience of paid and unpaid carers with five dance pieces on film performed by disabled and non-disabled artists, some of who are also carers. Conversations with Carers connects care, compassion and creativity by giving voice and artistic expression to carers through 5 different stories. Each story begins with the words of a carer and
interprets themes connected with caring.

Created by Rashmi Becker, Founder of inclusive dance company Step Change Studios, and supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Producer – Rashmi Becker, MBE
Film Direction and Edit – Daniel Lowenstein
Choreographers – Ian Banham, Abigail Kessel, Ivana Ostrowski
Dancers – Kathryn Ball, Jessica Carter, Max Cookward, Annie-Rose Grantham, Lawrence James, Abigail Kessel, Freya Spencer, Paul Davidson