Lightchild’s iTalk and Warehouse Worship is back again!

It’s our 6th Edition and we are super excited for this edition, simply because we are focusing on a theme that is dear to us all:

It’s the Heart of Worship!

The evening is all about exploring and experiencing a relaxed but charged, unlimited, uninhibited, unrestrained worship in very practical terms, starting off with iTalk (our interactive Talk/Chat Show). This edition’s iTalk is going to be more than informative, engaging, practical and explosive!

Then comes Warehouse Worship… 2 hours of simply pure praise and worship.. taking it to the Heart of worship Himself!

If you’ve been to any of the past iTalk or Warehouse Worship events, you’ll know that you won’t be disappointed and this is an evening/night out well spent! The time is never enough!

You’re guaranteed an exciting, relaxing, mind blowing, life changing, challenging but encouraging experience. Always.

And if you’ve never been to any of Lightchild’s events, let this one be your first!!