“If what has to be saved isn’t saved now, it may vanish forever” Walter Benjamin, Paris, capitale du XIXe siècle (1982)

I have been documenting Deptford with my camera for the past five years. Using several film cameras, digital cameras and sound recording devices. Since I moved south of the river, I have become captivated with this place. As an immigrant, I have never felt so part of a community like I have in Deptford. There’s real beauty to this area, everyone is welcoming, and it emits charisma from every corner.

The workshop will see you walking along Deptford High Street and through the market taking photos. Please bring your own camera or phone. Meeting place is Deptford Lounge front foyer. Please arrive 10 minutes early to be ready to start the workshop at 11am and don’t forget your camera or camera phone

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