Love2dance provides free weekly term time street dance sessions across three sites in Lewisham – Sydenham, Honor Oak and Deptford –  for 5-18 year olds. Unfortunately, due to the current situation it is not possible for Love2dance to deliver the usual face to face dance sessions. Therefore, Love2dance has come up with the Love2dance Online Summer Challenge and we invite you and everyone in Lewisham to join in on the fun from home! 

Summer Challenge 

In the Summer Challenge we invite you to:

  1. Learn the Summer Challenge dance routine choreographed and taught by Love2dance’s tutor Aaron from training videos provided
  2. Add your own freestyle to the end of the routine
  3. Rehearse your performance (the routine with your own freestyle added at the end)
  4. Film your dance
  5. Submit your dance video to us online

Video submissions and prizes to be won

Everyone who submit a video for the Summer Challenge will feature in a celebratory Love2dance video, alongside all the Summer Challenge video submission.

All entries will also be entered in to a raffle where you can win 1 of the following 5 prizes:

2 x Love2dance hoodie 

1 x 4 tickets to a Love2dance’s Hip Hop Theatre production “The Legendary”

2 x £25 Amazon voucher



Prior to attempting the Summer Challenge we ask that you register to take part and read the Love2dance Online: Summer Challenge guidelines provided. You can register to take part in the challenge online here.

Once you have completed the registration form you will receive an email with instructions of how to submit your Summer Challenge dance video.  

Deadline for submitting videos for the Summer Challenge is 6pm Monday 27 July.

Who can take part in the Love2dance Online: Summer Challenge?

People of all ages and abilities are welcome to take part in the Love2dance Online: Summer Challenge. 


Training Videos

Please use the Warm Up, Routine and Warm Down videos on our Love2dance Challenge playlist.


The music track for the Summer Challenge is available online here.


Advice For Participants

Love2dance Online: Summer Challenge Guidelines

Clothing – Please ensure:

  • You are wearing comfortable clothes you can move around in and trainers. We recommend wearing jogging bottoms and a t-shirt

Space – Please ensure:

  • You are in a safe space to move around. Please remove/pay attention to any hazards (obstacles or surfaces) in your space that:
    • you could bump into
    • could make you fall, slip or injure you in any way

Warm up/Routine/Cool down – Please ensure:

  • You always follow the warm up to assure your body is fully warmed up to prevent any injuries happening when you are dancing
  • You always follow the cool down to assure that your muscles are cooled down after dancing. A cool down helps to reduce muscle soreness and speeds up the recovery process after dancing.
  • You don’t do anything that feels uncomfortable
  • You take a break to drink water during/after dancing to rehydrate 

Young people aged under 18  – Please ensure:

  • You have someone aged 18+ nearby when you dance  

Video recording – please ensure:

  • You record your routine with a plain background and that nothing inappropriate is in your frame
  • You are dressed appropriately – Again, we recommend wearing jogging bottoms/ t-shirt/ trainers. If you have a Love2dance t-shirt feel free to put this on when you record your video. 
  • You have someone aged 18+ around to help you with your recording (If aged under 18)

If you got any questions you can contact Love2dance on

Happy Dancing!