The magical, funny, profound and healing Ambient Jam Collective invite you to join them.

Ambient Jam improvisations are playful, mindful, surreal, and sometimes wonderfully messy, creating sensory ways of being that benefit us all. Enjoy an unfolding evolving landscape where you can hang out and just be, or join in and improvise with us, or a bit of both.

At an Ambient Jam session, people can stay as long as they like and leave when they want to. The Collective suggest taking the time to acclimatise, simply sitting with your eyes closed. It is even okay to fall asleep.

You are welcome to use the space to rest and decompress. You are also welcome to take part by improvising through vocalisation, stillness, movement, and drawing. You can choose where you go, watch from a distance and move around.

Ambient Jam artists will be present to guide you through the improvised experience.

Capacity for this event is limited, please book a ticket in advance.

Find out more about Ambient Jam here