“Imagine the Montagues and Capulets liked each other. Crazy right? Can’t imagine it? Just watch. Watch as two families fall apart, until they are brought back together with the help of a little thing called love. Platonic love, romantic love, familial love and any other love you can think of really.”

Neon Performing Arts (Neon) is one of the only UK specialist Performing Arts Schools offering all styles of dance (Ballet, Modern Jazz, Acrobatics, Contemporary & Hip Hop) alongside Singing, Drama, Art, Music Production, Costume Design, Music Performance & Dj-ing.

To date Neon has produced 13 sold-out live original shows, 6 written by their students – with a focus on innovative and experimental ways to blend history & classical literature with combined arts. By using classic books as a starting point Neon brings in contemporary pop culture to transpose universal stories into the present; Neon’s shows give a platform to showcase an authentic voice of their young talents.

Written by Ben Wickramasuriya
Produced by Neon Performing Arts

Contemporary – Emanuela Pagliei
Ballet – Laura Readfort
Hip Hop – Marlon “Swoosh” Wallen assisted by Summer Bloomfield
Singing – Jodie Abacus
Art & Visuals – Amanda Callis
Costumes – Carla Tosta
Performers – Neon Performing Arts Students


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