Bringing together artists from Iran, Palestine and the UK, Aviatrix takes a microscope to the now fragmented landscape that pioneering aviator Amy Johnson saw from above.

Present day: A Palestinian actor, Hadi, boards a plane to London to perform in a theatrical production commemorating the life of British aviator, Amy Johnson and her record breaking solo flight from the UK to Australia. Whilst mid-flight the British government impose a ban on citizens of Muslim majority countries entering the country, and Hadi is on the list.

1930: Amy Johnson is forced to land her plane in a sandstorm and is found by Iraqi engineer Muhammad Al-Baghdadi.

From the confines of his detention cell Hadi begins rehearsing his scenes as a distraction. Jasminder, the immigration officer in charge of his case, watches him through the glass of a one-way mirror trying to ascertain whether he is a legitimate threat. As Hadi flits between the 1930s and invasive airport security checks in the present, an uncomfortable parallel starts to emerge between the two worlds; but in one he has agency, and the other he does not.

Performed in English and Arabic with a nerve shaking soundtrack produced by Iranian experimental electronic duo 9T Antiope.

This show was inspired by actual events; in 2016 Olivia Furber was commissioned to create a piece for the Amy Johnson Festival.  Almost all the artists involved were denied entry to the UK.

Aviatrix has been developed with the generous support of Ensemble 52, Arts Council England, The Palestinian National Theatre and Theatre Delicatessen.