We’ll invite people with great ideas for projects to make a short pitch for your support. You pick and vote for your favourite and then we’ll all eat free pizza together.

We are a community-orientated arts organisation, so are putting our money where our mouth is and committing £1,000 to whichever project is voted for by YOU at our FREE Pitches and Pizza Party.

Come along and have your say!

Please book a ticket if you’re planning on coming along so that we can make sure there is enough pizza for everyone (gluten free and dairy free options will be available, please let our Box Office team know if you have any dietary requirements).

Here’s a taster of some of the ideas you’ll be voting for:

Pie N Mash by Pie N Mash Mutual Aid

A nine episode series of radio plays, dramatising life stories shared by local people, drawing upon their experiences living in Deptford and New Cross.


Phi & Chi’s Zine by Phoebe Fairchild & Chiquita Delisser

A free zine in Lewisham that features photographs of women from the local community that includes their advice and lived experiences.


Connect the Dots by Aishat Bello

A series of artistic murals presented in Deptford that are inspired by interviews and personal experiences from members of the local community.


Danzability by Carol (Kavina) Pound

A series of taster sessions that use dance and movement to bring back the fun factor in people’s lives.


Pro-Occupation by Riccardo Matlakas

A live action/outdoor installation that occupy pieces of land dedicated to Palestine in cities around the world in solidarity with Palestine.