Join us for an evening of brand-new theatre, completely devised and performed by talented 18-30 year olds.

Scratch Showcase
5 new scratch pieces exploring sisterhood, relationships, dyslexia and jealousy.

Written by Florence Williams
Performed by Lauren Spence and Arianne Carless

Words Dance
Written & performed by Kc Gardiner

Untitled Work
Written by Elyce Dowell
Performed by Elyce Dowell and Ra’eesah Kai

Locked Down
Written & performed by Jade Dowsett-Roberts and Russeni Fisher

Nowhere Man

Written by Bear Valentine

Forum Theatre Showcase
An anniversary cohort of past Young Theatre Makers have come together for two intensive weeks and devised a new piece of forum theatre reflecting what ‘We Need to Act On…’ ten years on.

This two-part theatre showcase is part of PLAY ON; a theatre festival packed with FREE opportunities for 18-30 year olds in celebration of ten years of the Bubble Young Theatre Makers programme.


Please note this is an external hires event.