Till the soil, ‘til we strike oil
Deep enough to plant the seed.
DJ play the record, sound travel like a bee.
MC do a mic check 1, 2, 3
that’ll piped pipe ‘em to the block Part’eee…!

Plot17 is a mobile block party travelling the world raising awareness, inspiring action and spreading the message of “making things green”, with a soundtrack guaranteed to make you want to plant a tree and sure to help the seeds grow.
Become part of a team of young, green allies at PLOT17

Using spoken word, lyrics, visuals and DJ-ing, Plot 17 is an interactive performance for ages 7 – 11.

Written & performed by Kenny Baraka
Design: Paul Burgess
Music: Drew Horley and Conrad Kira
Producer: Lisa Mead
Story development: Kenny Baraka & Carl Ford & creative team.


Commissioned by Apples and Snakes with support from Team London Bridge and The Albany.