PureGold is an annual music festival that celebrates and showcases the work coming out of the Goldsmiths Department of Music.

Attended by music fans, industry, students and staff alike, PureGold isn’t just a music festival – it’s a platform for emerging artists to launch their careers.

“PureGold was the first milestone in my artistic career. Three years of hard work on the undergraduate degree culminating in a 30 minute set at the Albany, with every minute detail from the set to the styling slaved and sweated over. I felt invincible when I stepped out onto that stage.” – FEMME

Acts that have recently played at PureGold include: Puma Blue, Another Sky, Arlo Day, Brooke Bentham, James Blake, Katy B, Rosie Lowe, Portico Quartet, and many, many more.

PureGold forms part of a summer of Goldsmiths Degree Shows, including exhibitions and shows from the Departments of Art, Theatre and Performance, and Design.


These performances may contain flashing lights, strong language and adult content.

You can access the live stream of the performances here.

Full act line-up below and further info on www.puregoldfestival.com:


Friday 4 June

1pm Caitlin Power

3pm Vaermina

6pm Aaron Feeney

8pm Bekah Bossard

10pm Sabrina Fuentes

Saturday 5 June

1pm Salman Salman

3pm Ayu Mesi

6pm Finn McLaren Webster

8pm Finn Page

10pm Tom Phillips (Show name: Most Things)

Monday 7 June

3pm Charlie Pughe

6pm Ann Liu Cannon (Show name: The Space Between the Change)

8pm Simon Brunel

10pm Oscar Arnell

Tuesday 8 June

1pm Tegan

3pm Alyssa Jinks

6pm Francesca Edwards

8pm nayomhi

10pm Poppy Billingham

Wednesday 9 June

1pm Pablo Godin

3pm Sasha Antoine

6pm Harry Binding

8pm Nina Karpinska

10pm Seth Gauton

Thursday 10 June

1pm Saskia Gillespie

3pm Logan Aspin

6pm Bella Barton

8pm James Grace

10pm Kieran Macdonald-Brown

Friday 11 June

1pm Cameron Hollis

3pm Kaspar Tosin

6pm Adam Mur

8pm CHILD + the banned

10pm Tara Salerno

Saturday 12 June

1pm Amelia Hunter

3pm Tabitha Hayles

6pm Matt the Seeker

8pm Nicola Lemos (Show name: Tocaya)

10pm Amelia Lawn

Monday 14 June

1pm i_is_anima

3pm Tallulah Turner-Fray

6pm Mat Roberts