Violence solves nothing.

(Except in films, TV, books, comics, games and pretty much every corner of culture where heroes exist).

A spoken word theatre piece animated by two acrobatic dancers: explosions of physical activity burst, and then swiftly spiral back into the simpler focus of spoken word poetry and storytelling.

A considered and impactful work, Shall We Take This Outside is Adam Kammerling’s exploration of his own violence, where it found him, why he embraced it, and how it affects him today. As Adam moves through his memories, we discover the myriad ways that violence bleeds into everyday real-life, from hierarchies in the classroom, pub and street, to flippant rejections of any social movement deemed a threat to the status quo.

Si Rawlinson and Emma Houston give physical form to the stories, manipulating Adam and the space, and bringing a visual impact that spoken word simply cannot do alone. The soundtrack is equal parts classic pomp and heroism, and electronic, grime-inspired instrumentals, a reference to both the content of the show, and to Adam’s background as an MC.

Shall We Take This Outside was created with kind support from Arts Council England, the Albany, Apples And Snakes and CALM. Presented by OX Projects.