Zoca Soca Aerobics, The Fun Workout! Zoca is an easy-to-follow workout with built-up choreography that includes dance and fitness moves. This workout will have you sweat from head to toe!


Maike Drobinski

Maike Drobinski is the founder of Zoca Soca Aerobics, The Fun Workout! She has been a Zumba instructor since 2009. When she lived in the Caribbean, the love for Soca music grew and her Zumba classes started to include more and more Soca music. In 2019 Zoca was born: Zumba + Soca = Zoca. It is a workout that you look forward to! We dance, we sing, we wave our flag; it is the ultimate Carnival Workout! Zoca is all about burning those calories while having the best time. Who knew working out could be that fun? Maike will be running a 25-minute class, bringing you a taste of the Soca beats and moves from Forest Hill.

This event is part of She Grrrwls, a programme of performances, workshops and talks highlighting local artists as part of We Are Lewisham, The Mayor’s London Borough of Culture award in celebration of International Women’s Day. 

We Are Lewisham is presented by Lewisham Council and the Albany as part of the Mayor’s London Borough of Culture 2022. 

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