Slug and Caterpillar are starving, and the only leaf left in the garden is just out of reach. Slug thinks they should work together. Get the leaf, eat the leaf, play a game, be friends.

Caterpillar has other ideas. Slugs are gross, they’re covered in slime and they have terrible taste in music. Things get sticky.

Enter the undergrowth to SQUISH, SQUELCH and PLAY your way through this hilarious, surreal show for 2-5 years and their families, told with a handful of words and lots of SLIME.

SLIME only has 12 words in it, and every word is spoken and signed by the characters in British Sign Language.

Every performance of SLIME is relaxed – the audience area is well lit, it’s ok to come, go and make noise if you need to.

Does your young person like a bit of preparation before arriving somewhere new? Check out our ‘Welcome to SLIME Poster’ – WELCOME TO SLIME.

If you or your young person would like to know exactly what happens in the show, reading our social story might help – SOCIAL STORY.

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We are constantly monitoring the government’s COVID-19 guidelines. Should the situation change, the event will be postponed and bookers will be notified in regards to their options.

Supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation through the Weston Culture Fund