Quarantine Commissions gives young artists complete creative freedom to experiment and respond to Covid 19.

Through offering financial support, resources, mentoring and a platform to present, without preconceived ideas or limitations on what they should make, we will foster innovation, independent voices and vision for the digital work of the future.

From 12 May young artists will be releasing original work spanning all forms of genre, form and platform. Links to each young artists and their work can be found on Sounds Like Chaos website.

Tuesday 12 May

Unrequited Love by Ines Yerwood-Schanchez, short film

Unrequited Love is a visual spoken word poem of self love. Lockdown has given us time to reflect on the important things we usually neglect, like ourselves. I hope to motivate people to start their journey of self love or continue it if they have started to give up. To love others, first we must love ourselves.  ’ @_ines.sanchez


Times like this by Faruq Adigun, audio spoken word piece

‘Art in the form of spoken word, Times like this focuses on my feeling and understanding right now, in the center of a changing world. Times like this  is a reminder to persevere. A reminder to look on the bright side.’


Wednesday 13 May-

Question of the Day from Amaarah Roze on Instagram stories @soundslikechaos

‘Question of the Day is a segment of ‘Standards’, a show “run by young people for everyone” at the Albany. We discuss any and everything you can think of; from relationships to astrophysics, showcasing thoughts and opinions from people from all walks of life. In lockdown the questions will show that every day is different, and we should focus on how we feel, and embrace the little changes.’


Thursday 14 May

Nu World by Indie Max, original music and visuals

Nu world is a collection of sounds painting a picture for a new way of life. The soundtrack to a peaceful revolution. Depicting and manifesting a more connected world. I made this music with the intention of meditating along to it. The use of ambient sounds grounds and reminds the listener to be mindful. The cover art work are pictures taken by myself and are an attempt to capture the beauty already present around us.


Times are tough, but so are you by Phoebe Fairchild, original song.

A song written in the form of a jingle, it allows you to feel positive about the times surrounding Covid-19 and all the positive aspects. I made it in lockdown to promote happiness and joy and to make people feel not as alone in these unknown and uncertain times I think it’s important for everyone to remember that times are hard but we are all in it together.


Friday 15 May

Each Day is Slightly Different by Monique Di-Paolo, poetry and drawings

‘I will be writing poetry about isolation for a week to journal emotions, experiences, and some things that matter to me during the week to show that there is more to each day than just the monotony of waking up and waiting to go back to sleep’


What to do during quarantine AKA 5TQ by Alexcia Hume, instagram and tiktok video

‘What to do during quarantine is a video, with a fun and anti-boredom style. Its focuses on 5 things to do while at home bored in loockdown and it helps keep getting people in a good mood during this challenging time. They are creative, healthy ideas to encourage positivity’


Monday 25 May

Isolate by Gifty Kyeremah, a short film

Isolate is made with a collection of volunteers, who creatively show how they are staying active in Quarantine. It sees the pandemic as a blessing in disguise, it challenges the stigma on young people that we are lazy or do not strive to be better when in quarantine. Despite this quarantine we still appreciate the life that was given to us and we will take that advantage to make something of ourselves.


I see you by Christine Bramwell, a live sound stream from Christine’s home

‘During this time we will take a moment to listen and notice the changing world. This sound experience invites you to step out of the internal and into the space you’ve made. I am now in my 7-8th week of total physical isolation – to keep myself grounded I note what I see, where my body is and how I’m feeling. I transmit the sounds of in the ecology of my physically isolated world.’


Tuesday 26 May

Ignite by Monay Thomas, a sharing network for creatives

Ignite initiative aims to inspire, empower and connect creatives. Through short video’s addressing key questions, it will offer helpful insight from creatives from diverse backgrounds at different stages in their careers. Displaying community at a time where so many of us feel disconnected.’


Wednesday 27 May

Let me hear your voice by Phoebe Fairchild & Olivia Spence, a podcast

The podcast explores womanhood and gender in today’s society with a focus on the teenager experience. We collate interviews and discussions with a wider range of people, sharing gender perspectives and tackling taboo topics, to create an intimate listeing experience.


Thursday 28 May

Un-branded by Chiquita Delisser, fashion collection

Un branded is a fashion collection that is proud to be representative of Deptford and myself, it is a product of me and my surrounds.It will embrace both feminine and masculine styles and patterns as it is about inclusivity and breaking free from titles.


Friday 29 May

Unexplained by Madalina Gabriela, original song,

Unexplained is about the mystery of the night, it is a metaphor for the hard times of life. There is beauty everywhere, there is magic in the night and they need to be observed. I hope the energy can be felt through music and introduce the audience to contemplation.


Quarantine Collection by Gregor Laurence, online music festival

Quarantine Collection is an online festival with original music, DJ mixes and playlists curated by mates. Ranging from mellow tunes to experimental bangers, there’s something for everyone. We’re all stuck inside and perhaps we’re just listening to the same tunes on loop – I definitely am ! So hopefully this will give listeners a taste of some music they’ve never heard. Tune in and vibe out!”